Company: Management


Vicko Gluncic, MD, PhD | Founder

Vicko Gluncic is an inventor, entrepreneur, and practicing anesthesiologist. He has special interests in information technologies and patient safety. Dr. Gluncic is the author of more than thirty peer-reviewed scientific articles.


Gady Agam, PhD | Chief Technology Officer

Gady has over twenty years of experience in imaging research, including medical imaging. He is an expert in various areas of medical imaging including enhancement, detection, segmentation, and registration. Gady has successfully developed algorithms for modalities such as digital mammography, retinal scanner, CT, MRI, and X-Ray. He has authored over one-hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles.


Mario Moric | Chief Information Officer

Mario is a statistician with ten years of experience in implementing and overseeing complex clinical trials with particular interests in information technologies and patient safety. He is an expert at integrating complicated pattern matching software into the clinical workflow. Mario's research has been awarded the 2011 Mark Coventry Award and the 2013 Frank Stinchfield Award. He has authored thirty peer-reviewed articles and over one-hundred abstracts and presentations at research meetings.


Shirley Richard | Clinical Advisor

Shirley is a Certified Surgical Technologist with a B.S. in Health Care Administration. For the last seventeen years, she has worked in a number of hospital and military operating rooms. Shirley trains nurses and other clinical staff on surgical principles and techniques and is frequent conributor to operating room policies. Her goal is the seamless integration of the RaPID Patient Safety Software Platform into the surgical workflow.


Kevin Erdman, JD | Legal Advisor

Kevin is a Director at Brannon Sowers & Cracraft PC. He focuses his practice on advising software and internet centric businesses about the legal landscape. Kevin deals with intellectual property in all aspects, from patent and trademark issues to privacy, commercial, and advertising concerns in today’s complex and constantly changing computing and telecommunications environment.